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Our Green House

Our Green House
Our Green House
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Our Green House

1. Green House (Shed Net, Semi Automatic and finally Automatic Controlled System for Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum, Broccoli, Cut Flower, Banana)

2. Tissue Culture Lab For Plant ropagation of Sugar Cane, Automatic Plant etc.

3. Irrigation System For Water and Fertilizers by Drip, Sprinklers and Foggers.

4. Organic and Chemical Fertilizer Industries.

5. Establishment of Seed Farms

6. Packing, Grading and Weir Houses

7. Cold Storages for vegetables, fruits and flowers

8. Cold Chain Refrigerator Van for transportation of vegetables, fruits and flowers

9. Farm hand tools, equipments

10. Projects for fruits, vegetables, cereals etc.

11. Spraying and Dusting Equipments for Insecticide and Pesticides.

12. Tractors (mini and big), Farm Harvesters, Fertilizer and Sowing Equipments

13. Bio Gas Generation on farm waste and cattle dung and urine

14. Agro and food processing units-
    Sugar Plant for sugar cane, cogeneration and ethanol plans

15. Semi Process Packing, Grading, Pulverisation, (Grains, Cereals, Pulse etc.)

16. Process Flour Mill, Dal Mills, Starch Products, Extraction of Oils (Oils & Carbohydrate) Oil Mills.

17. Food Processing Ketch up, concentrates, Juice, Pulp, Powder, Syrup, Milk and Milk Products, Canning (fruits vegetables).

18. Agro Process Industries

    Arabic Gum. This raw gum can be processed / punfied by setting purification drying and packing plant which can be exported to other countries getting value addition. Plant Capacity 500 Kg. to 50 Metric Tons per day

    Hibiscus / Karkade Processing Plant The Sudan is growing hibniscus in all over in country. This processing unit is for drying, pulverizing and packing, manufacturing of hibiscus power for tea and soft drinks by using hitiscus leaves and packing units. Plant Capacity 500 Kg. to 5 Metric Tons per day

a) Sugar Cane - Jaggary, Sugar Honey, Sugar Factory

b) Distillery on Molasses and grain base for Ethanol Alcohol
c) Particle board and paper milk farm bagase
d) Sunflower, Ground Nut, Cotton Seed Oil extraction plants.
e) Refined Oil Soya, Cotton Seeds, Ground Nut and Sunflower.
f) Concentrate Pulp & Powder Tamarind, Tomato, Banana, Onion, Garlic, Egg Powder
g) Starch Potato Corn, Swurghum.
h) Chips From Potato and Banana.
i) Juice Tomato, Fruits (Grapes, Orange).
j) Jam and Jelly Mango, Papaya.
k) Canning Fruits and Vegetables.
l) Ghee Vanaspati, Sunflower.
m) Solvent Extraction Plants Oil cake based.
n) Powder Chili Powder, Curry Powder.
o) Mills Dal Mill.
p) Dehydration Plants Garlic Flakes, Onion, Vegetables, Mushroom.
q) Neem Oil from Neem Seeds and their other Products.
r) Corn/Maize Processing for Flakes, Glucose.
s) Paper from wheat husk.
t) Yeast from Molasses.
u) Particle board from bagase and farm waste.
v) Honey Processing and packing unit from honey bees and dates.
w) Baking Unit For Bread, Biscuit and other bakery products.
x) Aromatic and Herbal Extraction, Powder, Cream lotion etc...